Monday, March 29, 2010

Open Canvas

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Well, I am about 166 hours from finding out about my dietetic internship application; don't worry, it's not like I'm counting or anything :) A week from right now I will either be in complete joy with nervous excitement or utter despair with the feeling of rejection. HA! But seriously, this past weekend I was praying just about how to have the right perspective on my life and how to approach each and everyday, let alone next year. I feel as though I am in no sweeter position than where I am right now because I feel like my heart is an open canvas in which God can masterfully paint whatever it is he desires upon my heart. So often I feel like I catch myself sketching out lines here and there only to discover God's hand carefully "erasing" my pitiful lines and replacing them with beautiful strokes of vibrant color. This past year I have felt the pain of areas of my heart under the eraser but I trust in The True Artist's hands--his creations are far greater than anyone can imagine. His word says "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than than your ways, and my thoughts higher than yours." Our God is a big God. Yet he chooses our hearts as his favorite canvas. Our Lord created the heavens and the earth, yet he delights in designing a redemption-masterpiece within each of his children.

My encouragement to you is to simply allow the Artist work within your heart. When lines are erased in your heart; dreams, goals and relationships--don't look it as God restricting you in living your life but rather God's way of creating something far greater than you could ever construct. God is big, he needs a lot of room to work: stand back and allow him to turn vibrant strokes into a masterpiece--your life.

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