Friday, September 17, 2010

His Fist of Lightning

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There is something so uniquely different about thunderstorms than any other form of nature. It often contains huge crashes of thunder that are enough to knock you off your feet but my favorite part of storms is the stillness that is quickly takes over before another wave of thunder and lightning. You can sense the electricity generating a feeling of power and that soft smell of rain drapes over the atmosphere around you.

Normally I am long-winded with blogs (haha--don't you dare nod your head right now!), but for some reason, I feel like I cannot expound on this passage of scripture anymore than what is already written. I think there are moments when we can just sit and simply stand amazed in the presence of God. I came across it this past week and was stunned with the imagery that Elihu is describing to Job. It has has somewhat sparked my interest into possibly reading through all of Job to get a better background on it--but I really appreciated it and feel like it truly dipics just how BIG of a God we serve. The words that are bolded in the passage are the ones that really have impacted me the most and I encourage you to meditate on it and similar verses describing our Great God. Just think of having a being big enough to have a fist-full of lightning. Our God is most certainly, an AWESOME GOD.

JOB 36: 24-33

" 24"Remember to(AI) extol his work,
of which men have(AJ) sung.
25All mankind has looked on it;
man beholds it from afar.
26Behold, God is great, and we(AK) know him not;
the number of his(AL) years is unsearchable.
27For he draws up the drops of water;
they distill his(AM) mist in(AN) rain,
28which(AO) the skies pour down
and drop on mankind abundantly.
29Can anyone understand(AP) the spreading of the clouds,
the thunderings of his(AQ) pavilion?
30Behold, he scatters his lightning about him
and covers the roots of the sea.
31For by these he(AR) judges peoples;
he gives(AS) food in abundance.
32He covers his(AT) hands with the lightning
and commands it to strike the mark.

33Its crashing declares his presence;[a]
the cattle also declare that he rises."

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  1. Just another thought with this---I was thinking about the power that is in lightning and that God has the ability to contain it in his hand---and then go to the image of Christ preparing to die on the cross--getting spit at and beaten and think of the restraint of that power He had. Because of his humility on the cross, we can too experience God's power and his humility in our own lives if we merely ask him!