Sunday, October 3, 2010

The 2nd Harvest Haze~

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I was reminded of this devotional I wrote last year during the fall season and it has somewhat become "buried" among the other devotionals I have written over the past year; therefore, I thought it would be most appropriate to bring it back up to the front. You may not be able to witness the haze that's created by large combines in your area during the fall because you live in a city or a non-rural area; however, do not let that keep you from applying the analogy to your life! In the same sense of not witnessing the harvest events that go on in the Dakotas, you may not be a full-time missionary, a pastor or even really involved in your church (although, I hope you are to some degree!). You may be fearful of what others may think or what you will say but the Word commands us to "Go and make disciples of all nations!" You are still called to be a worker of the Lord. There's a huge harvest to bring in; just look around you.

"Harvest Haze" from November 2009 ~
"There's a haze that is being created right now across the Dakotas by thousands of farmers working towards bringing in this year's crops. I was driving down to Sioux Falls last night on I-29 and was overcome with this haze created from a nearby field. The haze was so thick that it was I was almost unable to see the car in front of me. I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite verses in Luke 10

"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers for the harvest."

I was challenged by this analogy of the "Haze of Harvest." Am I, as a Christ-follower, pursuing the harvest of souls like those combines are working towards bringing in the harvest to the point of creating a haze? How thick is the haze your walk with Christ is creating? You may not always reap the evidence of your efforts in impacting the Kingdom, but you should see some degree of 'haze' in your life. Partner with me today in asking the Lord of the harvest, to cause a haze to be created as you love like our Lord Jesus Christ and bring others closer to their Creator."

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