Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Do Something!

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Have you found yourself combing the pages or skimming the index in the back of the Bible for a topic relating to your ‘big decision,’ you’re currently facing? I find myself doing this from time to time. It’s not bad that we are going to God’s Word to look for direction on things we don’t know but have you ever thought that the answer may not be spelled-out word for word in the Bible but rather the answer lies in the transformation of one’s mindset and hear? I was visiting the other morning with a middle-aged man about my generation and my season of life. He spoke of his desire to influence my age group through mentoring and serving the body of believers by dispelling some underlying pressures that are often applied to young adults. These pressures involve making the right decisions on careers, schooling, marriage and relationships. In general, he said something along the lines of this:
“ It’s ok if you don’t ‘have it all together,’ if you end up going to school and discovering you don’t like what you’re doing, it’s ok that you spent the money because now you know you’re not going to go that direction: move forward and find where your passion truly lies. And if you happen to meet someone who is seeking the Lord while you’re seeking the Lord and you feel that you are supposed to be together: go for it—don’t sit there hemming and hawing over ‘Is this the one?’ Of course you need to be wise in the way you pursue relationships but we so often put so much pressure on making decisions that we waste precious time on something the Lord desires for us to step out in faith on. If I would have sought that or was encouraged to pursue my gifting at that age, who knows where I would be now: but regardless of what happened, I am where I am and the Lord is using me. I don’t regret the decisions I made, but I do wish that the church would encourage young adults to ‘Just Do Something’.” (Just Do Something is the name of a book he recommended me to read!)
Wise words? I agree! What is interesting, I have felt this pressure lifted in my own life, over the past few months. I feel like the Lord has been transforming my ideas and concepts of what ‘pursuing God’s will for my life’ and what it looks like. The transformation has not been a matter of revelation in some miraculous sign or wonder, but rather learning about WHO God is and living in the light of knowing Him more. There’s a passage in Ecclesiastes that Solomon wrote on the topic of the “Purpose of Life.” The entire book is somewhat depressing is it not? Ha, he talks about how meaningless pursuing pleasures and desires are much like chasing the wind; but at the end of the book, his remark is this :
“Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of man.”
Notice the wisest man to ever live did not say, “Make sure you comb the Bible as carefully as possible to find the answer to who you’re supposed to marry, where you’re supposed to live, what you’re supposed to do or if you’re supposed to be a full-time missionary in Antarctica (thank heavens he didn’t say that! Eeek! South Dakota is cold enough thank you very much!). He said that we are to “fear God and keep his commandments.” That’s your purpose! That’s your will! Fear God. I know, you’re rolling your eyes—I can see it, but I’m serious! Shoot me your earth-shattering question and I will say this: Fear God and keep his commands. Why? Why does it have to feel like my answer to your question is another question? Because it is not supposed to be complicated! God desires to be sovereign in control: yes he does give us an element of choice within his sovereignty but we need to understand He will accomplish Another verse instructs on this topic in a similar fashion. It’s found in Philippians 4 verse 8 which states:
“8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”
So simple, yet so difficult to get through our thick heads! Try not to get so hung up on “What do I do about this? Where do I go? Who am I?” (I am getting a headache just thinking about it!) The answer is not God’s revelation: IT’S HIM. It’s Him. Seek to know your creator and He will reveal to his creation the who’s, what’s and why’s that you’re facing. When in doubt, focus on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy.” Start there. Fear God and follow what his word says.
I am a big fan of this song by the band “Deluge,” and writer Jonathan Stockstill, called “Open Up the Skys,” here are the lyrics. It reminds you of how we should pray and consult the Lord on matters: not seeking blessings or answers but rather seeking HIM.

“Our beloved Father please come down and meet us
We are waiting on Your touch
Open up the heavens, shower down Your presence
We respond to Your great love

We won't be satisfied with anything ordinary
We won't be satisfied at all

Open up the sky, fall down like rain
We don't want blessings, we want You
Open up the sky, fall down like fire,
We don't want anything but You

verse 2
Our beloved Jesus we just want to see You
in the glory of Your light
Earthly things don't matter
They just fade and shatter
When we're touched by love divine

Open up the sky, fall down like rain
We don't want blessings, we want You
Open up the sky, fall down like fire,
We don't want anything but You

Here we go lets go to the throne
The place that we belong Right into His arms.”
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